“Nøgen kvinde”

Nøgen kvinde

“Nøgen kvinde” / “Naked woman”


“Kvinde på omvendt stol”

Kvinde på omvendt stol

“Kvinde på omvendt stol” / “Woman on turned chair”


“Den røde kvinde”

Den røde kvinde

“Den røde kvinde” / “The red woman”

This art work means a lot to me, because it is one of the first paintings, where I explored a more wild and spontaneous way of painting.


Elin – my sister


This is a naturalistic portrait of my younger sister Elin; done with oil paint.


“Den blå kvinde”

"Den blå kvinde"
“Den blå kvinde” / “The blue woman”


I was so lucky that this painting got on the frontpage of my art school’s (Vrå Højskole) yearbook 2014. The principal likes it because  from his point of view the painting expresses that you should use the possibilities that every new day offers you..I partly agree, but I think there is also something more rough and stormy in this painting….what do you think?