“Vandmand” – rød

vandmand rød

“Vandmand” / “Jellyfish”

This is a linoleum print which I made in different versions, in different colours.


Check this interesting artist out!

The artist Ib-h (Iris Bendt-Hedal) makes outstanding paintings – see her website here!



The motives in Ib-h’s paintings often remind me of a small planet, where something mystical – sometimes scary – happened. But it is not too obvious what exactly is going on. There are some elements indicating that humans are/or have been there, while the animals are in the foreground and play a more important role. The colours and shapes are interesting – especially the mirroring of the motive!


“Hvid pige”

Hvid pige

“Hvid pige” / “White girl”

In this painting I used lots of white and lighter colours, which is in contrast to many of my other works. It would be interesting for me to know, how you experience this painting? I think the usage of lots of white makes it easier to see the charcoal lines, which thereby become more important in this painting…and perhaps the light colours underpin the personality of this girl…what do you think?


“Kvinde foran mørkt vand”

kvinde foran mørkt vand

“Kvinde foran mørkt vand” / “Woman with dark water in the background”


“Siddende danserinde”

Siddende danserinde

“Siddende danserinde” / “Sitting danser”


“to snakkende kvinder”

To snakkende kvinder

“To snakkende kvinder” / “Two chatting women”


“Nøgen kvinde”

Nøgen kvinde

“Nøgen kvinde” / “Naked woman”


“Kvinde på omvendt stol”

Kvinde på omvendt stol

“Kvinde på omvendt stol” / “Woman on turned chair”


“Den røde kvinde”

Den røde kvinde

“Den røde kvinde” / “The red woman”

This art work means a lot to me, because it is one of the first paintings, where I explored a more wild and spontaneous way of painting.


Elin – my sister


This is a naturalistic portrait of my younger sister Elin; done with oil paint.